Peggy’s Cove & Halifax

Why not combine our two most popular tours into one. See the sights of the historic port city of Halifax and then take in the famous breathtaking sights of Peggy's Cove.

As you visit Halifax, it will be enlightening to take a downtown historic tour. Our tour would commence from Pier 21 with its Historic block as the "Ellis Island" of Canada, where more than one million immigrants came through and more than 500,000 left from during WWII.

From there we will visit St. Paul's Church, the oldest Anglican church in Canada. As well, St. Paul's Church was among some of the buildings that withstood the Great Halifax Explosion of 1917. We will drive on to Fort Needham Hill where a memorial carillon was built for the victim's of that explosion. Then we'll be on to Canada's most famous lighthouse.

Peggy's Cove is one of the most unique, captivating and exhilarating eye-openers in Nova Scotia. The quaint seaside hamlets of Shad Bay, Big Lake, East Dover and West Dover, to mention but a few, are also breathtaking. Known as Canada's most famous fishing village, Peggy's Cove, with its famous glacier rocks, offers an attraction that predates the stone age. As well, visitors can see the only post office in North America that was located in a lighthouse. We stop here for approximately 30 minutes and if you're enjoying yourself thoroughly, you can stay and enjoy a delicious fish chowder or perhaps a nice cold beer.

Duration of tour: 4.5 Hours

Narrated tour: The tour is appropriate for all ages

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