Black History Tour

Black History Tour

Located at Cherrybrook Road and Main Street, about twenty (20) minutes drive from Halifax, the Centre houses a museum section, an auditorium, gift shop, RCMP community office and a reference library.

A colourful array of historic exhibitions, souvenirs and publications await you.

Our tour of the Black Cultural Centre will consist of visiting the former Africville Village, where many African-NovaScotians lived. We will also visit some of the African-Canadian historic homes and the United Baptist church. At the museum itself, you will be able to learn some interesting and significant facts about African-Canadian history from the time of the slave trade, the emancipation from slavery and the general struggle of black people from the United States to Canada, en route from and to Africa.

This educational tour will help you understand and appreciate what the black cultural centre stands for as thousands of people including tourists, students, dignitaries etc. come to visit year round. Visitors originate from around the world. The suggested duration of this tour is about two (2) hours including photo stops.

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