Halifax Now & Then

A superbly presented tour of Halifax that puts the history and sites of the city into perspective within the context of the natural, cultural and political history of Nova Scotia from 1749.

This tour highlighting the geologic and geographic basis of settlement and the intimate connections between cultural, natural history and natural resources that link Halifax to the Bay of Fundy, Lunenburg and other areas.

Explore the contrasts between old and new and learn about the impact of climate, natural resources and technology on the social, economic and architectural history of Halifax with visits to key natural and historic sites. See the site of the Halifax Explosion and the sites related to Halifax’s connection with the Titanic, including the final resting place of 121 Titanic victims.


* Downtown: Citadel Hill, Argyle St., Grand Parade, Province House, Lieutenant Governor’s House, Old Burying Ground, St Mary’s Basilica

*Georgian to Victoria architecture of “Olde” Halifax North and South

*Spring Garden Road & Public Gardens

*Halifax explosion site & memorial

*Hydrostone National Historic District

*Titanic burial sites & graves

…and many more!