Bay of Fundy / Hall’s Harbour

The Bay of Fundy’s shape and prevailing ocean currents conspire to create the highest tides in the world.

Experience what happens as 3,680 billion cubic feet of water pour in and out of the “funnel” not once but twice each day. Boats and even ocean-going ships can be stranded high and dry.

Vast tidal flats are waiting to be explored. That’s how Hall’s Harbour began in 1779 – as a pirate base for local scalawag Samuel Hall, his native Mi’Kmaq girlfriend and a band of cutthroat Yankee privateers. They would prey on the Planters and Loyalists to the British Crown. Finally, remember that this is a real fishing village, one that takes its living from the sea – not one created to please tourists. The fishermen and other village folk are usually busy with their work, but you’ll find that they will often take the time to pass time the with visitors to their community. Why not come and spend some time with us at Bay of Fundy?