About us

Aberdeen has been in the Tourism Industry for more than fifteen years.

Our staff, both full and part time guides, have a combined total of over sixty-eight years offering memorable tours ensuring that all who have knocked on our doors, knock again.

We provide customized tour packages, transportation services to groups etc. in Atlantic Canada. Aberdeen strives to provide prompt service and offers reasonable rates. Unlike the larger bus companies, we are not franchised. Aberdeen is locally-owned and operated.

We offer authentic tours to all our clients. Each individual need and want is different and we at Aberdeen go above and beyond to please and offer memorable tours.

Our knowledgeable guides will thrill you with not only expertise of the areas we tour but will treat you as a star. You will indeed be in the company of inspired, enthusiastic and educated guides who make thoughtful anecdotes, and props to take you beyond the boundaries of sightseeing. Call or simply send us an email and you will be glad you did.

Call or Email us today to reserve a booking for an educational and adventurous tour.